NFT Minting

How To Mint a GHE To mint a GooseHonk Exclusive visit our dapp at: Minting costs 0.1 BNB Press the connect button to connect your metamask wallet Choose the number of GHE NFT’s and click buy (20 max limit) Your wallet will popup for you to confirm the transaction Once the transaction is confirmed your GHE NFT will be sent to your wallet

How to add/view your NFT in metamask wallet After the nft is minted, you need to find the collectible id in BSCscan by putting in your wallet address and looking for the transaction Copy your wallet address, then go to, paste it into the search, look at list of transactions, find the one that says “mint”.

It may take ten minutes (or more) for BSCscan to index the transaction, so if you do not see it right away just wait a few minutes and refresh. Click on the transaction, then look for “TokenId

[___] ” the number in that part is the collectible id In MetaMask, click on NFTs, paste the contract address, then add that collectible ID, and the NFT will appear Contract address: 0x1b8fad50717ce15fa511967faf443d277221d927

More details on our NFT’s 95% of all NFT sales go directly into the GooseHonk Treasury for use by the community and just 5% goes towards the art and development of the project 100 GooseHonk Exclusive NFT’s have been minted for the GooseHonk Treasury 30 GooseHonk Exclusive NFT’s have been minted for marketing promotions We will be looking at partnering with a secondary marketplace to trade our NFT’s while our marketplace is in development

Joining the Discord Stay up to date with all of the latest news and developments of our GooseHonk Exclusive NFT’s by joining our discord: Get in contact with our team for details on how to join the exclusive side of our discord server! (GHE holders only)

Joining THE FLOCK THE FLOCK is the DAO that is in the process of being created to decide on the future development of the GooseHonk project. To be eligible to join THE FLOCK you must hold the $GOHO token and at least 1 GHE A snapshot of holders will be taken randomly in the future to grant access to the DAO. Further details on this will be announced in the future