Community driven, utility packed, deflationary goose money. Goose Honk (GOHO) is both a decentralized utility token & a memecoin. As a 1:1 fork of SafeMoon, GOHO has deflationary properties with automatic yield generation resulting from a 10% tax on all GOHO transactions, with 5% distributed to the Pancakeswap liquidity pool and the other 5% distributed to fellow GooseHonkers who hold GOHO.


The Memes

Similar to DOGE, goose memes have and still are extremely popular across various social media platforms such as Reddit. Search goose memes and you will net millions of results! As there is a broad range of goose meme genres, the GooseHonk community has been able to make hundreds of memes and regularly makes more with ease. This enduring decentralized community has thrived since November 2021 and will continue honking before and after SHIB like gains are on the table. GOHO is unique in its brand yet holds extremely favorable memecoin fundamentals.

SHIB was widely adopted in Asian markets before the cryptocurrency reached Coinbase. Goose memes are not only popular in the West but in Asia as well.  Geese are revered in China and various other Asian cultures and carry significant meaning. GooseHonk (GOHO) has the potential for mass meme appeal due to cultural significance and the broad popularity of goose memes around the world.

The Value 

GooseHonk approaches utility with a value focused, revenue driven philosophy. With a multi-signature community treasury established, various projects have been strategically implemented or are being developed to bolster this treasury and broaden the usage of the GOHO token through value focused utility. The usage of the funds in this wallet are voted on via the fully established community FLOCK DAO in which various projects, marketing initiatives, proposals, and more can be voted on. With funds raised and already in place from multiple initiatives, GOHO is set up nicely for the future.

Currently a high quality NFT Marketplace is in development that will be utilizing the GOHO token for transactions. Furthermore, this one stop shop for minting and trading NFTs will include treasury bolstering features. Open to all communities and artists, this user-friendly marketplace aims to be active and drive more volume to the thriving NFT side of the BSC chain. The team is established of working professionals in software development, marketing, and law. The GOHO team has been diligently honking on the project since November 2021. Team experience additionally includes content creators and investors in the NFT space.

See below for a brief highlight on current and upcoming utility.


Implemented Utility:

GooseHonkExclusives (GHE) NFT Collection 



Incoming Utility:

NFT Marketplace (currently in alpha testing)


More projects will be announced as well as updates to pre-existing projects as needed.



Goose Honk Exclusive 10k NFT Collection


GHE is a collection of 10,000 GooseHonk NFTs — Unique digital collectibles living on the Binance Smart Chain.

Your GooseHonk Exclusive NFT doubles as your exclusive membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to THE FLOCK, a collaborative treasury which oversees the development of our $GOHO token.

To create a truly decentralised community, a DAO has been made to vote on project & marketing initiatives and more. Check out the GHE Collection for more info on access to the Flock & voting. Community ideas are encouraged and often implemented.

The GooseHonk Smart Contract has been fully audited and can be viewed by clicking here:  https://goosehonk.org/audit/

Your first  NFT? Here is a short guide to minting. Minting NFT

Reflections Tracker

See how much you’ve earned just by holding GOHO tokens:


Liquidity burned

By sending all LP tokens to the zero & burn address, liquidity was locked forever.

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Ownership renounced

The ownership of the contract has been fully renounced.

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Total Supply

145,600,000,000,000 GOHO  (as of 5/22/22)

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Tokens Burned

854,400,000,000,000 85.44% (as of 5/22/22)

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PancakeSwap Liquidity

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Our team is always working hard to achieve new milestones.

Stage 0
  • Design of Logo & Mascot
Stage 1
  • City Sticker Raid
  • Video Trailers/Theme Song
  • Goose-Fi Radio
Stage 2
  • Audit of Smart Contract
  • Billboard/ Bus Stops with Goose Memes
  • Start of Goose Crossings
  • GooseHonk Treasury
Stage 3
  • GooseHonk Exclusives NFT's
  • Sponsor a Goose
  • Coingecko and CMC Listings
Stage 4
  • NFT Marketplace Launch
  • Goose & Endangered Animal Donations
Stage 5
  • Tier 1 Listings
  • Exclusive Partnerships
  • More $GOHO Projects

Community Memes

A collection of memes handcrafted by our talented community.


Honk Paper

As a goose, your goal is quite naturally to cause mischief and chaos around the world through the simple act of honking. What else is as annoying and pedestrian as a smug, simple goose that lets out a honk?

GooseHonk has captured the value of a memetic concept in the form of the $GOHO token, giving all holders a strong incentive to ‘meme’ their token into collective consciousness.

Meet the Team

Founder + Development
Marketing + Legal
Goosologist + Software Developer
Tim F
Community Moderation + Outreach
Honk Holgan
Marketing + Community Development
Gesturing Monkey
Marketing + Community Development


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

If you would like to contribute to our community, please feel free to donate BNB to our community wallet. The funds will be used for charitable donations and for marketing!

ATTENTION: This wallet is a Binance Smart Chain wallet and can only accept donations of BEP-20 BNB.



Disclaimer: creators and maintainers of GooseHonk/GOHO are not liable for any loss when trading this cryptocurrency token. Nothing on this page is financial advice. This website is for informational purposes only.